Santa's little helper...

It’s official! I am truly one of Santa’s helpers. No, seriously, I am. I am literally helping Santa light up my town…and by that I don’t mean taking shots at the Dublin House and streaking down Monmouth Street. I will be one of 6 groups strategically [albeit secretly] placed around town to flip our perspective switches to make the town glow. Aohhhhh! Do you think this will automatically get me placed on the “nice” list this year?


Where is everyone gonna sit...

The way I see it - we can comfortably fit 14 people in our apartment. The more the merrier. 'Tis the holiday season, after all. But after telling 3M the list of everyone I invited during a party on Saturday night, he continues to ask "where are we gonna fit everyone?" Each time it's a little more curt. In fact, it's now getting to the point that now I am beginning to worry.

I figure people will be outside [please Jack Frost be on my side] and then you'll have those who like to wanderer and [thank god for French doors so] we can even open up the bedroom and have people migrate in there.

We'll be ok. And if all else fails we start the music every 10 minutes and have a collective game of musical chairs.


Weekend assignment...

I don't want to hear "the dog at my homework" or any other lame excuse. Do it. I did and I crack up watching everytime.

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