Whoa Verizon lady...

I dialed up Verizon today just to inquire about different packages [i.e. - the DVR box, I prefer to pick and choose my battles and the one over the remote control is just one I don't choose to have anymore.]

The woman, Sylvia, sweet as can be, who was also my Verizon customer representative of the night went down the list of her required questions: name of person she's speaking with, if this was the same as the name on bill, state calling from, zip code, address on bill. Then, apparently, the bill was up on the screen. She said, again, "Ohh, so your name is this name - the name that's on the bill here?"

I don't know why but a pang of insecurity hit inside. I, the strong female I [think I] am quickly burst out, "well yes, um, you know - I'm not married yet, so I, um, prefer have my name on the bill. I always pay it on time anyways so it shouldn't matter either way."

To which she replied "Oh, Shannon, please...don't rush to get married. And really think about if you want kids. That's not something you want to rush into, either!"

Whoa, Sylvia.

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Carly said...

Can I get the number to your Verizon rep...I would like to discuss my life plans as well.